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The Concept

The HYPOXI-Partner program

Since the invention in 1997 our satisfied customers have been constantly contributing to the exceptional HYPOXI success story.

It is our goal to expand HYPOXI as one of the leading brands in  the figure shaping  market of the 21st century. To achieve this we rely  in strong partners worldwide – HYPOXI-Studio operators in over 50 countries  worldwide.

Authorised HYPOXI-Studio 2017

HYPOXI supports its business partners throughout the whole business process; from the creation of a studio to the successful implementation in the market. Through our years of experience we are able to offer exactly what is needed by founders: Security, sustainability and an advantage in the market place.

To learn more about the HYPOXI-Concept, please download the HYPOXI concept PDF.

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We are looking for people  to become authorized HYPOXI-Partners with their own enterprise!

Are you interested? Start your career with HYPOXI.

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