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Take the first step to a new body sensation – the first training at an participating authorized HYPOXI-Studio is completely free and without obligation!

Certified HYPOXI-Coach

With HYPOXI you target body areas which you want to change.

The training is individually tailored to your needs – the certified HYPOXI-Coaches take care of that.


Of course you won’t achieve your personal goals right after the first training session – but success stories show that this first step into an authorized HYPOXI-Studio could be the right decision for you too.

You only trust your own impressions? Perfect! Then sign up for your HYPOXI test training today and give the targeted method for a beautiful figure a try!


This is what you get with a free HYPOXI test training:
* Introduction to the HYPOXI-Method and the advantages
* Individual consulting interview with body analysis
* One session trial with a recommended HYPOXI device



Achieve your goals quickly and sustainably!

In all  authorized HYPOXI-Studios, certified HYPOXI-Coaches arrange a training program tailored to your individual needs. This  ensures that the precise  parts of the body  which you want to shape are addressed and that the training never becomes too exhausting or even hazardous to your health.


First results after a short time

First results are  already visible after a few treatments. The effective treatment duration of the HYPOXI-Method depends on your personal targets and on your individual physical constitution. As a rule you need between one and three months to reach your goals. That’s the special thing about HYPOXI: already in short workouts, you can  achieve excellent results. The time spent per studio visit is approx. 30 to 50 minutes. Your HYPOXI-Coach creates a training plan tailored to your specific needs with reserved appointments.


Professional coaching

In all authorized HYPOXI-Studios there are well trained and qualified coaches at your side who define your individual HYPOXI-Program and continuously monitor the execution, progress and the training success. Additionally your coach supports you in creating a well-balanced nutrition plan.

Contact us NOW for a free test training  – our closest HYPOXI partner will contact you at your preferred time and communication channel!

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