The HYPOXI-Method: Three-Pillar Principle

Die HYPOXI-Methode // 3-Säulen-Prinzip | The HYPOXI-Method // Three-Pillar-Principle

HYPOXI – the most targeted method for a beautiful body

The method was developed at the end of the 90’s by Dr. Norbert Egger in Salzburg and is now successfully used in over 50 countries worldwide.

The HYPOXI-Method is based on three pillars: alternating pressure, moderate kinetic training and balanced nutrition.

The HYPOXI-Method has a unique effect on typical female, but also male problem areas. It acts in a  completely natural way: Undesired fat deposits  are reduced from the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs by  using the natural principles of lipid metabolism.

At the same time, the HYPOXI-Training continually strengthens the connective tissue and firms the skin so that the unpleasant appearance of cellulite is clearly improved.

The combination of  innovative devices and the individual supervision by a HYPOXI-Coach makes this method unique. With HYPOXI your “dream figure” becomes  real. Effective and long-lasting.

Interested? Then find a HYPOXI studio near you and start now!

The HYPOXI-Method is based on three pillars:

HYPOXI-Trainer S120

1. Alternating pressure

The concerned parts of the body are  exposed to targeted gentle pressure. The alternating pressure by use of vacuum and compression, as per the principle of cupping, stimulates the affected tissue and the blood circulation is intensified.Throughout the HYPOXI-Training the alternating pressure  is exactly  were your  fat deposits lie dormant.

HYPOXI Vacunaut & PressureSuit

2. Moderate kinetic training

Smooth ergometer-training gets the fat metabolism going. This is an indispensable precondition so that redundant fat is activated and transported via the blood circulation to be burned in the muscles.

Balanced nutrition

3. Balanced nutrition

Another good news:  With HYPOXI there are no strict starvation diets or unilateral diets. After the metabolic analysis, the HYPOXI-Coach in your studio develops together with you a nutrition plan which is easy to follow and provides optimum support to reach your target achievement.

It is individually tailored to the needs of your body and protects you from the infamous Yo-Yo effect.