The HYPOXI-Method: Studios & Devices

Die HYPOXI-Methode // Studios & Geräte | The HYPOXI-Method // Studios & Devices

HYPOXI around the globe!

HYPOXI is offered worldwide. Just look for a studio in your area by using our studio finder. Here you will find exclusive providers carrying the reliable quality seal, „authorised HYPOXI-Studio“. Only these fulfill the high quality criteria for an optimal implementation of the HYPOXI-Method:

  • a fully equipped studio for the HYPOXI-Method
  • highly maintained HYPOXI-Equipment
  • and highly trained and certified HYPOXI-Coaches

Four modern training devices

The HYPOXI-Training devices systematically treat specific problem areas on your body and combine moderate fat burning training with an activation of blood circulation in the concerned body region. The S120 and the L250 target the problem areas legs, hips and buttocks. The Vacunaut shapes the stomach. To achieve tighter connective tissue and a more attractive complexion, use the HYPOXI-Dermology.


The S120 combines three principles to effectively reduce undesired fat depots in the legs and buttocks: negative and positive pressure, combined with moderate exercise. The vacuum treatment sucks blood into the skin and fat tissue and thereby strengthens the nutrient supply. During the compression phase, blood and fluids are drained again. The moderate kinetic exercise helps to burn the reduced fat in the muscles.


The L250 is ideally suited for people with high body weight or low fitness. The exercise is done whilst lying down. The constant alternation between negative and normal pressure improves the blood circulation. You pedal upwards with your legs, so that gravity quickens the drainage of the fat in a natural and healthy way and counters potential congestion.

HYPOXI Vacunaut & PressureSuit

The Vacunaut targets the problem areas, stomach and hips. The pressure conditions necessary for the treatment are created in the Vacunaut column and then passed into the PressureSuit – a specifically designed suit. The suit’s activation chambers alternately exert positive pressure and negative pressure on the entire stomach and hip region. At the same time, you perform moderate fat burning exercise on a treadmill.


The HYPOXI-Dermology is used to tighten your skin. The activation chambers of the HD-PressureSuit treat the concerned body regions while you relax comfortably on the ergonomically formed HD Comfort Couch. Alternating between positive pressure and negative pressure, 400 chambers simultaneously treat the problem areas using the principle of cupping but without any damaging effects.

What about the costs?

In authorized HYPOXI-Studios, a training session is offered from  € 35,- upwards.

Our certified coaches will be pleased to give you advice and define during a detailed consultation your required training measurements. The training mode, the quantity of training sessions and individual price depends on your own personal goal setting and your opportunities.

Visit your local authorised HYPOXI-Studio. Our specialists will provide comprehensive and competent advice.