Fit and slim for business

Warum HYPOXI? // Fit und schlank fürs Business! | Why HYPOXI? // Fit and slim for business!

Present themselves at their best

Applies at presentations, customer appointments, exhibitions, congresses and simply for the  daily business routine: The physical wellbeing plays an important role for a self-confident appearance in the job. For some time now, the HYPOXI-Method is no longer just an ” tip” for business professionals – not only due to the fact that you can fit in the treatments during your lunch break.

Targeted body shaping in minimum time

Whether for the fitted business dress, the elegant evening dress for formal occasions – or for men, – the classical business suit: With HYPOXI, for a targeted body shaping, the fat reduction is activated directly in the problem zones. To achieve the desired figure, the often usual “hard work out“ remains unsuccessful. It is not a matter of gaining additional muscle mass, but to reduce targeted excess fat deposits from your problem zones.

Important advantage of HYPOXI: even with a full agenda you can easily fit in your training session, as the optimal training duration is 30 minutes only.

The HYPOXI-Method is based on two interacting principles: the general stimulation of the metabolism by a light cardio-workout and the targeted stimulation of the blood flow within the problem zones. The latter takes place by means of a pressure-changing therapy.

The Beauty: first visible success is achieved after a few sessions.

A lot of business stress – no time for counting calories? No problem!

Not to worry: you don’t need to count every calorie during a business lunch. A balanced diet will do. Best to havea lot of vegetables, salads and fruits to supply your body with sufficient vitamins, fibres and minerals. In addition, you should stick to whole grain products instead of the preferred, white flour products.

A very important aspect is the liquid intake: minimum 2 litres of water should be consumed daily.It calms the sense of hunger and providesa quick energy transport.

On your way to the desired body shape, you are accompanied by experienced HYPOXI-coaches. An intensive supervision is the best way to ensure that with every training session, the problem zones are shrinking and the self-esteem is rising.

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