Advantages over other methods

Warum HYPOXI? // Vorteile gegenüber anderen Methoden | Why HYPOXI? // Advantages over other methods

For men and women with the desire for a new improved body feeling and balanced proportions there are other options besides the HYPOXI-Method. Quite often new customers ask: What are the advantages of HYPOXI compared to e.g. high intensive trainings, various exercise workouts with music or liposuction?

Basically: while other training methods promise various advantages such as weight loss,better health condition and muscle build-up, HYPOXI was developed for targeted figure shaping. The fact that this also positively changes the appearance of the skin in case of cellulite and reduces unpleasant water retentions are “pleasant side effects” – but the focus is always on the goal of shaping your body in a targeted manner.

No surgery, no narcosis, no swelling, dents and bruising.

The liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia during an operation. Usually, several litres of a mixture are injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue. Thereafter, a hollow needle is inserted under the skin, a vacuum applied and so the fat removed..

An intervention of this kind costs usually between € 1.500,- and € 6.000,-. In addition to the risks of bleeding and infection, swelling and haematoma are normal side effects, and there is a risk of dents forming in the sites being sucked.

Depending on the treated area of the body, a supportive corset or compression garment must often be worn for several weeks after the procedure. So, the real results can only be seen after a few weeks or even months.

With the HYPOXI-Method, neither the above described possible side effects of a complex surgery nor the sometimes very high costs occur. With a moderate fat burning training with the patented vacuum and over pressure devices in your authorised HYPOXI-Studio you will achieve your goals without drastic measures.

No stress on joints, muscles, tendons and circulation 

Nutrition, exercise, sports and fitness contribute in any case positively to a healthy lifestyle and help to keep the body in shape.

However, with the goal of a fast body shaping in mind, it can quickly happen that with sports or diets weight is reduced at the wrong areas of the body, that body proportions change rather unfavourably and perhaps even health risks occur.

The HYPOXI-Method, on the other hand, is targeted, fast, visible, long-term and helps to shape the figure without burden at the desired areas.

Conclusion: HYPOXI is a modern method of targeted circumference reduction – without any radical measures that unnecessarily burden you and your body!

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