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Why HYPOXI? // Make Your Bride Dress Fit

Important wedding preparations: focus on your body

Are you planning the most magnificent day of your life? Choosing the location, menu and deciding on decorations….the day must be perfect. But the most important thing is that you get prepared yourself to look and feel fabulous on your wedding day. Your hair, your dress – all should be perfect. And with HYPOXI you will manage to bring your body in top form just in time.

Targeted problem zone treatment for brides

With the HYPOXI-Method you have the unique opportunity to target fat burn at the waist, hips, buttocks and legs. The HYPOXI-Method will shape your body so you look amazing in your dream dress.

Firm buttocks, a flat stomach and slender hips

To achieve the desired wedding figure hard training mostly is not useful. This would rather produce additional muscles instead of reducing the problem zones.

With HYPOXI this is different. For a targeted body shaping the fat loss is activated directly at the problem zones.

The HYPOXI-Method is based on two complementary elements: The general stimulation of metabolism by a slight cardio exercise and the targeted stimulation of the blood circulation in the problem areas by help of an alternating pressure therapy.

The good thing: After only a few sessions the first results are visible.

No calorie counting

Don’t worry, of course you may test your wedding meal before. And there is no need of counting every calorie during your treatment. A well balanced nutrition will do. Preferably with a lot of vegetables, salads and fruits to provide your body with sufficient vitamins, fibers and minerals. In addition whole grain products are recommended instead of white meal products.

A very important aspect is the water intake. Remember to include a minimum of two litres of water daily. Water calms the feeling of hunger and promotes a fast energy transport.

You’re in good, safe hands!

Our clients are closely supervised by a comprehensively trained HYPOXI-Coach. An intensive coaching is the best way to insure that with every training session the problem zones disappear and the wedding joy grows.

Certified HYPOXI-Coach

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