Completely relaxed: improve your skin’s appearance in your lunch break


Whoever automatically associates skin tightening with sweaty workouts, cumbersome contrast showers and time-consuming brush massages is wrong. In the HYPOXI-Studio, skin tightening is on the same level with relaxation. Thanks to the minimal time required, you can even use the treatment during your lunch break.

The HYPOXI-Method turns your lunch break into something really special: Enjoy pure relaxation and firm up your skin at the same time – HYPOXI-Dermology makes it possible. This treatment was developed especially to improve the skin’s appearance.

The only thing the client has to do is slip into the HD-PressureSuit. From then, 400 activation chambers, which are incorporated in the area of the problem zones, take over the work. Alternating overpressure and underpressure brings the skin gently into motion and through this the connective tissue is trained. At the same time, the metabolism in the skin and fat tissues is increased and the lymph and vein activity is stimulated.

That all happens as the client relaxes on the ergonomically shaped HD Comfort Couch; their eyes shut, the stressful work routine forgotten, and eventually they even fall asleep. Power napping has taken on a completely new meaning. In fact, users report that they feel significantly fresher, more relaxed and also more active after a HYPOXI treatment. This is due to the strong activation of blood circulation in the skin and fat tissues – an effect that can last until the next day.

HYPOXI-Dermology unfolds the optimal effect within a time frame of just 20 minutes. Skin will appear visibly improved after only a few uses.

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