HYPOXI in Germany – HYPOXI-Studio Detmold


“Already back in 2009 I became aware of HYPOXI and thought about integrating the HYPOXI-Method into my physiotherapy practice at Lemgo.

After only 2 preliminary discussions with the friendly and competent HYPOXI-consultants I made my decision pro HYPOXI.

The right location in Detmold was quickly found with a detailed location analysis, and by the professional support of HYPOXI, a few months later – in spring 2010 – I opened my HYPOXI-Studio with attached physio-department.

The cooperative partnership with HYPOXI continued with full commitment after the opening and also in my now 8th HYPOXI year. I am totally satisfied.”

Anja Bajerski
HYPOXI-Studio Detmold, Germany


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