HYPOXI in Germany – HYPOXI-Studio Hagen


“I decided to open a body shaping studio for women and men in the autumn of 2004. My studio should be designed according to the motto ‘all the things women and men like’.

After an intensive 3 months of internet research and 6 months of travelling around Germany just to try out devices and offerings, I was close to giving up my idea, because in reality, what I had seen, turned out to be different from what I expected or what had been promised.

Luckily I did find some products and concepts which met my needs. At that time HYPOXI was one amongst others.

Finally, on August 1st in 2005 I proudly opened my own Body and Wellbeing Studio in Hagen. Based on the concept ‘Wellness bei Tiffany’, I additionally purchased a HYPOXI-Trainer L250 to supplement my offerings with targeted bodyforming. Due to the wide range of products and services offered, until this day, my studio is fondly called the ‘vendor’s tray’.

After a while, I decided to expand the HYPOXI-offer for targeted bodyforming and I invested in a HYPOXI-Trainer S120 and soon after I completed my HYPOXI equipment fleet with the HYPOXI-Dermology and the HYPOXI-Vacunaut, because it became clear to me that the HYPOXI-Method is the best targeted bodyforming concept available on the market. That is how the integrated authorised HYPOXI-Studio ‘Shop in Shop’ finally got started within my existing business, which is a “happy maker” for many women and men in and around Hagen.

After almost 12 years with HYPOXI I can honestly say, without a doubt, that this was my best business decision ever.”

Susanne Gebhardt
HYPOXI-Studio Hagen, Germany


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