HYPOXI in Germany – HYPOXI-Studio Halle


“After finishing my diploma as a sports teacher for prevention, rehabilitation and therapy as well as acquiring my Back training license I continued to work as an employee in a fitness studio.

However; It was always my wish to be self-employed. So, when I learned in the middle of 2013 that the HYPOXI-Studio in Halle was for sale, I didn’t have to think twice and with 300 square metres of floor space, I was able to integrate my Back training school alongside the HYPOXI-Method.

Since beginning of 2017 I had been searching for a possibility to expand my studio steadily increasing demand and I wanted to bind my HYPOXI-customers in the long term after their intensive phase. My idea was to offer a spaceous fitness area. When I had the opportunity in the spring of 2017 to rent a suitable area of 900 square metres I immediately went for it.

Since September 2017, I successfully offer several concepts under one roof.

Not even for one minute, did I regret the decision for HYPOXI; On the contrary, HYPOXI has always supported me and makes working with my customers easy. My customers are thankful by showing their loyalty.”

Patrick Herbst
HYPOXI-Studio Halle, Germany


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