HYPOXI in Germany – HYPOXI-Studio Itzehoe


“In 2007 I got to know HYPOXI as I was a customer myself at the HYPOXI-Studio Itzehoe and was delighted.

After the intensive phase I remained as a client for long time and enjoyed my time there very much. In the course of time, I began to think about opening up a HYPOXI-Studio. In April 2010, when the owner offered to sell the studio, for private reasons, I did not think about it for long and took the offer.

My customers get excellent results and with pride I can say that I have many loyal regular customers. Therefore, it is not that tragic when at certain times the frequency of new customers could be better. Thanks to the support team of HYPOXI, I get the support I want.”

Karen Runge
HYPOXI-Studio Itzehoe, Germany


Your way to your own authorised HYPOXI-Studio.

Karen Runge, HYPOXI-Studio Itzehoe