HYPOXI in Finland – HYPOXI-Studio Kuopio


“I am Merja Hartikainen, a 48-year-old owner of HYPOXI Kuopio studio in Finland.

I am a dental nurse by profession and have worked in the healthcare side for over 20 years. In addition, I trained as a personal trainer in 2017. My HYPOXI studio is located in Eastern Finland and has a population of about 117,000 in Kuopio.
I have two adult sons, a cohabiting spouse, and my little dog. I enjoy a variety of sports, and I like to travel. But, of course, good humour helps in everyday life.
I have been in the welfare industry before this job. The people-oriented work is familiar. I started working in this studio in February 2022, and that’s when I left as a full-time entrepreneur from my permanent job in healthcare. Entrepreneurship was inspired by one’s freedom to decide and take one’s thoughts and ideas forward innovatively.
I bought the business from a former entrepreneur, and my business is a leased space. I trained as an HYPOXI-Coach in Turku and partly in Kuopio. I attended the Training a few years ago.
I like HYPOXI for my job because I get to help people power better to guide them to better choices when it comes to eating.
I hope to expand HYPOXI in the coming years and dream of cooperating with, for example, medical centres. I have already received suggestions from private a medical practice. I want to develop this idea in the future.
I hope I get as many people as possible to understand the benefits of HYPOXI. Not only in weight management but also in health matters.”

Merja Hartikainen
HYPOXI-Studio Kuopio, Finland


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