HYPOXI in Finland – HYPOXI-Studios Orivesi and Jyväskylä


How did I become an HYPOXI-Partner?

“I’m Miia Nippala, and my family consists of my husband, my children, foster children, and two adorable Tibetan Spaniels. We live in a peaceful location in Orivesi, western Finland, by a lake in the heart of nature. Our home is a refuge from the otherwise hectic life of a self-employed family.
I come from Eastern Finland and initially worked in the social and health sector in various specialities for about 20 years, mainly in the Kuopio University Hospital. I moved to the Pirkanmaa region in 2019, and for the last couple of years, I’ve worked as the director of a family support centre for child welfare. I am a qualified nurse-midwife with a degree in social and healthcare development and management (University of applied sciences). I am currently studying digital marketing alongside my job and working in a family-run search engine optimisation company. In recent years, my supervisory work has mainly consisted of administrative desk work, but people’s well-being and client encounters have always been important to me. Being an HYPOXI franchiser enables me to do what is important to me – meet and help people – and simultaneously take broader responsibility for the running and organisation of the company. I’ve attended the HYPOXI-Training days and completed a selection of theoretical studies, but the method is also personally familiar to me.
Entrepreneurship has always inspired me, and employing others through my own business is great.

Good customer experience inspired me to become a franchisee.

I first heard about HYPOXI over ten years ago. I saw a TV programme about it. I was immediately interested, but there was no HYPOXI-Studio to try it out in my area. Later, an HYPOXI-Studio opened up in Kuopio, where I lived back then, and I went for a free consultation. I immediately fell in love with the HYPOXI-Method. In less than an hour, I enjoyed relaxation and exercise, which, although light, was highly influential, targeting its fat-burning precisely at my problem areas. I went for 12 HYPOXI sessions of combination therapy, and the results were terrific. My skin became firmer and smoother; I lost several kilos and, most importantly, lost dozens of centimetres all over my body. I was living a busy family life, and work took up much of my time. HYPOXI gave me an effective workout in less than an hour. At the same time, I was able to rest by relaxing for 20 minutes on the HDC bed, which provides an effective warm-up and boosts the metabolism while removing toxins and fluids from the body. A few years later, I took another course of HYPOXI treatment, and my idea of an HYPOXI-Studio was born. The idea brewed in the back of my mind for a few years and last autumn, I realised my dream when I opened the doors to HYPOXI Orivesi in September 2022.

Customer satisfaction is essential to HYPOXI-Studio Orivesi.

We have a prime location right in the centre of town. Orivesi is a small town of about 9000 inhabitants, but the studio welcomes many customers from neighbouring municipalities. The studio has been renovated from floor to ceiling, and everything is new. I wanted to bring a touch of luxury to the studio and make the decor cosy and harmonious. Customers constantly compliment the studio and say how wonderful it is to enjoy the atmosphere while taking an HYPOXI session. We always have fresh flowers to please the eye and candlelight lanterns to set the mood at dusk. And, because we are in Finland, we also have a sauna. A sauna is not recommended on HYPOXI days, but you can warm up for a while in the shower. Our sauna is more popular on the many wellness day events hosted at the studio.
Since the beginning of 2023, HYPOXI-Studio Jyväskylä has been run by the company my husband Vesa and I own. Jyväskylä is a 90-minute drive from Orivesi. Three energetic employees run HYPOXI Jyväskylä, and I visit the studio myself every week. My goal is to renew, expand and develop the operations of HYPOXI Jyväskylä and to invest in the cosy and comfortable atmosphere of the studio. HYPOXI is fantastic, and I’m honoured to be part of the HYPOXI family!”

Miia Nippala
HYPOXI-Studios Orivesi and Jyväskylä, Finland


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