HYPOXI in the UK – HYPOXI Knightsbridge studio, London


Today we are getting motivated and ready to kick start healthy regime with Dajana Jackson Prosnanova, the Managing Director and HYPOXI-Coach at HYPOXI Knightsbridge studio.

Dajana’s journey with HYPOXI started 9 years ago when she was approached to run the Body Clinic in Harrods. After learning the method well and establishing a very busy practice, there became an opportunity to set up an independent studio in Knightsbridge. “I love working with people. My clients come with different body concerns: lose weight, tone up, get rid of cellulite… Every woman wants to have the best figure! Sometimes I see clients when their health was already effected or after injuries. HYPOXI is the perfect and effective exercise solution even when you can’t go to the gym. It is a very gentle cycling session in a vacuum pod. With the vacuum we stimulate blood circulation directly to the fatty tissue in the targeted areas and your body is fat burning where you want it.”


Tell us about your career and a little about yourself…

“I qualified as a nutritionist in my home country Slovakia. In summer 2000, just a few days after my graduation, I came to England to experience life and work in another country. My first job was in Harrods as a temp in the cosmetics department. Later in 2008 I returned to Harrods to launch the HYPOXI Body Clinic in Urban Retreat. In 2014 I set up the HYPOXI Knightsbridge studio on Beauchamp Place.

I am passionate about my job and my focus has always been to develop a concept that represents the ‘beauty from inside out’ as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

I enjoy working with my clients, helping them to achieve their goals. Having my own business is allowing me to do both: running the clinic’s operation and also being actively involved in the clients’ programs. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s dream to come true, especially when they struggled with their shape for years.

I am very glad I had accepted the job back in 2008. I soon discovered myself how effective the HYPOXI-Method is and how it changes people’s lives for better and healthier.”

Dajana Jackson Prosanova
HYPOXI Knightsbridge studio, London


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