HYPOXI in Austria – HYPOXI-Studio Hietzing, Vienna


“In 2006 I started my first “Mini”-HYPOXI-Studio on a small area within a drugstore with an attached beauty department. After a short time I expanded my HYPOXI-Studio at another location and invested in additional HYPOXI-equipment.

And even this location soon became too small for my steadily growing number of clients and today I am so proud to be able to offer the HYPOXI-Method on about 200 sqm in an exclusive location and great ambience at the “Hietzinger Platzl” in Vienna.

In my “HYPOXI-Studio Hietzing” I also offer vibration training and ultrasound treatments in separate rooms.

Customer satisfaction is top priority. Regular customers and recommendations ensure a full diary, which confirms that we are doing a good job

Thanks to the fantastic support provided by HYPOXI – from technical service to ongoing educational program as well as the professional social media marketing platform, we can focus on the essentials in our studio: our customers!”

Nicole Zellmann

HYPOXI-Studio Hietzing, Vienna, Austria


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