HYPOXI in Slovakia – HYPOXI-Studio Magic, Lučenec


My story about how I came to HYPOXI is a bit different from others. I had studied economics but only worked in this field for a short time.

After having spent some time abroad and became a mother, I took on a job in shoe retailiers and very soon after I run my own business.

However, it has attracted me more and more to the health and beauty industry.

Then a friend made me aware of the HYPOXI-Method, I was very interested and contacted Marta Koppanyi from HYPOXI.

I became quickly fascinated by the HYPOXI-Method and soon met Marta for the first time. I was able to try all the different devices and learned all about the unique effectiveness of this natural method to fight typical female and male problem zones.

Only one month later, I was absolutely determined to open my own HYPOXI-Studio. Although, as a single mum, I did have my doubts to face such a big investment. But I took on the challenge and fully concentrated on my goal.

Destiny, faith, persistence and the big support and cooperation of Marta from HYPOXI, whom I’ll always be thankful too, made It possible that I officially opened my own HYPOXI-Studio MAGIC in Lučenec on the 1st April 2016.

At the beginning, these were not easy I had a tough time, but today I would make that decision again. My reward is a lot of satisfied customers and their brilliant results.”

Aneta Ševčíková

HYPOXI-Studio Magic, Lučenec, Slovakia


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