HYPOXI in Germany – HYPOXI-Studio Herford


How I came to HYPOXI.

“I tried a replica model by chance, but the construction and the design did not convince me. After extensive research, I learned that HYPOXI invented the original in the field of vacuum training.
So I contacted the sales department, and after the first information meeting, I drove with my husband to Berlin to look at the devices.
The whole concept convinced me! It fascinates me that movement is an essential component of HYPOXI.
My conviction is the movement! And I find the combination of exercise, under pressure and overpressure treatment and nutrition sensational. The user has to do something himself to change something, which is the be-all and end-all for me.
The devices are great and I am happy to work with them!
Above all, I was utterly confident in my successes with customers. Weight loss and health successes – this makes the thing even more valuable!”

With gratitude
Kerstin Straßen
HYPOXI-Studio Herford, Germany


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