HYPOXI in Germany – HYPOXI-Studio Freiberg


“A friend of mine gave me the idea of opening a HYPOXI-Studio. She herself runs a HYPOXI-Studio as a shop-in-shop version in her cosmetic studio and excitedly told me about it. 

Motivated by my friend’s positive report the idea to open my own HYPOXI-Studio grew more and more.

Said and done! After a short but intensive preparation time I was able to open my own studio in June 2011. Step by step I extended my range of offers for my clients. In addition to HYPOXI I also offer Pilates as well as other complementing offers such as breath analysis for the condition of the metabolism and medical CO2 dry gas treatments.

Through my personal support I was able to build up a great customer relationship as I spend quite a lot of time with my customers and make sure that the nutrition guidelines are followed. In general, my customers have very good results which over the years has got about and consequently led to a high recommendation rate. HYPOXI is a genius invention. But here again: »No sweet without sweat«.”

Dorothea Köcher
HYPOXI-Studio Freiberg, Germany


Your way to your own authorised HYPOXI-Studio.

Dorothea Köcher, HYPOXI-Studio Freiberg