HYPOXI in Austria – HYPOXI-Studio Salzburg


“The HYPOXI-Studio, already founded in the year 2000, was taken over at the Kurhaus on the 1st October 2013. I was always thrilled by the HYPOXI-Method. So, when I was offered the chance to take over the studio from a friend, I didn’t think for long and took it. 

I am happy to have taken this step. I have long-standing loyal customers – some have been here since the beginning and bravely come week after week to the training. For many of my regular customers the HYPOXI-Training is the balance to a stressful day to day life. Customer satisfaction is my first priority.

Thanks to the social media activities initiated by HYPOXI, more and more young people are coming. Viral marketing is a useful addition to my presence in the print media.

In June 2019 the studio in Salzburg will move and shine in new splendor at the new location. I am really looking forward to it. Thus, for the next 20 years I will be in the best position. I can finally offer the HYPOXI-Method for men as well.”

Daniela Rinnhofer
HYPOXI-Studio Salzburg, Austria


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