HYPOXI in Austria – HYPOXI-Studio Dr. med. Michaela Sendlhofer, Linz


“I have been a practitioner for many years and have noticed that a lot of my patients are struggling with cellulite, flabby skin and stubborn fat deposits, which are mainly genetically caused. Work outs and diets are not sufficient to achieve a visible improvement with long lasting effects.

After my third pregnancy I longed to return back to my old figure but that was very difficult to achieve. Luckily, I heard about HYPOXI and thought I’d give it a try. After a few weeks I achieved good results. I was immediately convinced of the HYPOXI-Method as it combines natural and approved methods like vacuum therapy and compression therapy with a moderate fat burning activity and thus targets the problem areas. The HYPOXI-Method fully complies with my principles as a medical doctor.

I very quickly decided to open a HYPOXI-Studio in Linz, Upper Austria. The HYPOXI-Team in Salzburg supported me in finding the right location, in planning and designing the studio and educating my team. They also helped me in preparing a proper marketing plan and created a studio website.

In September 2012 I celebrated my opening with many guests. It has been very rewarding to see my customers get one step closer to reaching their goals: a beautiful figure!”

Dr. med. Michaela Sendlhofer
Owner HYPOXI-Studio Dr. med. Michaela Sendlhofer, Linz


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Team HYPOXI-Studio Dr. med. Michaela Sendlhofer