HYPOXI-Studio opening in Lappeenranta, Finland


“We are the HYPOXI team from Lappeenranta! Lappeenranta is located on the southern shore of Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland. Our team members are Irina (owner), Anni, Matilda and Eveliina.
We opened our studio in January 2023, so our journey began a short time ago. First, we got trained by Riina, the Master-Trainer in Turku, and right after that, we opened our studio. Since then, we’ve been busier than ever! First few weeks, we only did consultations, and all our customers were so excited that finally, an HYPOXI-Studio had come to Lappeenranta!
Irina, Matilda and Eveliina are all beauticians, and Anni is a hairdresser. Irina owns our Beauty and Hairdressing salon, where we also opened our HYPOXI-Studio. We have a large room at the back of our salon, and there we placed the HYPOXI-Dermology and HYPOXI-Trainer S120, which are in use nonstop!
We know how to serve our customers, which is a big plus because we love to work with people and give the best service possible. We gained a lot of customers from Illusia-beauty salon, which positively affected the studio’s growth so quickly!”

Corporate Communications

Peter Indinger
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E-Mail: p.indinger@hypoxi.com

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