“I can recommend the HYPOXI-Method to everyone”


Andrea Š. (30), Slovakia. 

 “When I was young I was sportive and danced a lot. Over the last five years I had big problems with my back and had to spent one year in the hospital. I then had a child and afterwards it became the dream to get the figure back in shape.

Half a year after giving birth I heard about the HYPOXI-Method and started the HYPOXI-Training at the HYPOXI- Studio Magic in Lučenec which I was able to complete despite my back problems.
I am very grateful to have found a solution which helped me to lose weight, reduce circumference loss at the desired targeted body areas. I can recommend the HYPOXI-Method to everyone.”


  • 4.1 kg weight decrease
  • 38 cm circumference loss
  • 12 treatments
Certified HYPOXI-Coach

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