“Bye-bye lipoedema!”


Andrea Stiller (47), Germany.

The mother of two suffers from a double- sided lipoedema. She trained 12 weeks at the HYPOXI-Studio Reiskirchen.

“Before I entered the HYPOXI-Studio a true doctor’s marathon already lay behind me. The reason: I suffered from a double-sided lipoedema. Since my two pregnancies things got worse. Buttocks and legs just were not recognizable anymore; my old figure became a memory only. At first I tried with countless diets. Had I known then that I suffered from lipoedema I could have avoided all this.

(Editor’s note: Lipoedema is a disorder in the fat distribution and leads to swellings usually on the thighs and lower legs. Therefore, the fat tissue occurring with lipoedema is not an overweight issue in that sense. The fat cells reproduce themselves at the affected body parts, and the stored fat can’t be removed due to a poor blood circulation and a disturbed lymphatic drainage.

Long since medical specialists include lipoedema in the top three of the most common gynaecological diseases. The problem: A diagnosis can only be made by specialists. Many women therefore don’t even know that they are suffering from lipoedema.

“Once it was certain, all doctors advised me to have liposuction – with exception of my family doctor. He suspected risks for my lymphatic system which would extremely suffer from a liposuction. At first I was completely devastated. I had already put up with this intervention although I was terrified and an operation would have been a heavy financial burden for me. However my doctors concerns made me insecure. By this time my quality in life was down at a lowest point. Also the people around me suffered due to my heavy worries. Finally a friend of mine came up with the recommendation to give the HYPOXI-Method a try.Simply from then on everything changed.”

HYPOXI-Coach Heike Dietrich remembers: “At the beginning Mrs. Stiller was extremely insecure whether HYPOXI really would help. But we gave ourselves a lot of time to answer all her questions and soon were able to eliminate her doubts.”

So Andrea Stiller started a 12-week program with the figure shaping method.

Initial interim

“Already after 14 days HYPOXI the scale showed 3 kg less. My circumference reduced in total by 35 cm. Mind you: without starvation! Instead I clearly stuck to the HYPOXI nutritional guidelines. Initially, I doubted a bit if I would be able to do without carbohydrates in the evenings. However, due to the sufficient portions at lunch time I wasn’t that hungry in the evening as always before. Since then I changed my nutrition completely and I don’t worry anymore about the YoYo-effect. People just can’t believe: I eat even more now than before.

In the meanwhile my initial doubts have completely disappeared. It is no wonder – the success indeed continued. With the time passing the pressure pain on my thighs became less and less until it faded completely. I felt much more comfortable in my trousers and thanks to the HYPOXI-Dermology my skin appearance improved significantly.

After 12 weeks I was hardly recognizable anymore. I had lost 12.6 kg and had lost a total of 99.5 cm of circumference! And this all targeted on my problem zones – nearly 10 cm on each thigh! My favourite trousers are too large now, but I don’t mind about that. As HYPOXI, compared to a liposuction, only cost a fractional amount I treated myself to some nice clothes from the money I saved. There is only one thing I regret: That I hadn’t gone to the HYPOXI-Studio much earlier. This would have saved me from a lot of sorrow.”

Certified HYPOXI-Coach

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