“With the HYPOXI treatments I reduced circumference at the buttocks and thighs”


Sandra K. (35), Germany.

“In April 2014 I started a 12-week HYPOXI-Training at the Studio in Dresden. After receiving detailed nutrition advise and 4 weeks of training the result although not yet visible on the scale, I found my trousers and skirts were much looser.

But the success was soon to come. After 8 weeks my colleagues already recognized that there was something going on and after 12 weeks it was almost one dress size less which I lost, thanks to the HYPOXI-Method.

Before I started HYPOXI, I had been training for 3 years at the gym but never lost weight in my problem zones. With the HYPOXI-treatments it did work and I was able to reduce circumference at the buttocks and thighs. After 12 weeks the body fat percentage went down from 27% to 21%.

I can recommend the HYPOXI-Method to anyone who wants to to lose weight and eat healthier.”

Sonja L. zu Beginn von HYPOXI

Sonja L. nach 3 Monaten HYPOXI

Certified HYPOXI-Coach

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